Mercatini di Natale ad Arco, Rango e Tenno: vivi la magia delle feste


Christmas is now upon us and like every year, the festive atmosphere brings with it the tradition of the Christmas markets of Arco, Rango and Tenno. In fact, even in 2023 they will not fail to enchant adults and children with their atmosphere, reconfirming themselves as a place where colours, scents and lights are able to transport us into an enchanted world.



Christmas market in Canale di Tenno


Among the most fascinating and picturesque markets, there is the Christmas Market in Canale di Tenno, a village nestled in the mountains of Trentino. Starting from November 25th and until December 17th we are waiting for you to experience the magic of the holidays. The wooden houses that house the exhibitors seem to come straight out of a fairy tale, and the smells of cinnamon, mulled wine and strudel pervade the air. The Tenno market is a true triumph of local craftsmanship and typical recipes, such as the delicious “carne salada e fasoi”, prepared with love by volunteers in the village kitchen.

Furthermore, in Canale di Tenno you will be able to find a vast selection of products made strictly by hand, such as olive wood artefacts up to medieval puzzles revisited in a modern key, through lively home decorations and the fine wines and oils of Garda.

The peculiarity of this market is that the stalls are hidden in the cellars and old stables, creating a magical and mysterious atmosphere. But that’s not all: events in the town of Canale di Tenno are not limited only to the Christmas Market. You can enjoy numerous other unforgettable experiences, such as the evocative Shepherds’ Procession, where ancient traditions come to life through fascinating shows and representations. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this enchanting village and let yourself be won over by its unique charm.


Christmas market in Arco

In Arco the Christmas Markets take place from 17 November to 7 January. During all the holidays you can stroll through the streets of the historic center, among the wooden houses decorated with twinkling lights and colorful Christmas decorations. Here, in addition to delicious mulled wine and freshly baked cinnamon cakes, you will find many local handicrafts.

One-of-a-kind products, handmade, with skill and passion, which you can purchase for your home or as gifts to friends. Ceramic works, rag dolls, leather bags, jewelry and blown glass objects, as well as a myriad of Christmas decorations to make your home even more magical this holiday season. Furthermore, you will be able to attend music and dance shows, which will captivate you and make you dance to the rhythm of Christmas notes. And for the little ones there will be creative workshops and fun activities, which will make Christmas even more special.


Christmas market in Rango


As for Canale di Tenno, also in Rango, the markets can be visited from November 25th to December 17th. Rango is a small, original and authentic village, located a few kilometers from Tenno and Lake Garda. So enchanting that it has been awarded the title of “One of the most beautiful villages in Italy”. With its stone staircases, arches, vaults and narrow alleys, every year it hosts a market with a unique charm, where time seems to have stopped.

Here there are no large crowds or confusion, but an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, which allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the village and its artisan products. During the Christmas period, Rango transforms into a fairy-tale place, hosting a Christmas market that enchants visitors.

The picturesque and graceful wooden houses are strategically placed between the ancient walls of the village, creating a truly evocative atmosphere. The Rango Christmas market offers handcrafted products, such as wooden toys, made with care and skill by local artisans. Furthermore, you will be able to find fine handmade objects, representative of the tradition and culture of the place.

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