Green policy

Clubhotel Lago di Tenno is immersed in the wonderful landscapes of Trentino. Nature is an important element that characterizes our identity, which is why we respect it and take care of it.

We are also part of Ospitalità Natura, a network of accommodation facilities that are committed to a path of environmental sustainability and we want to offer our guests the opportunity to travel in a new, more ecological and responsible way.

We have adopted a series of actions and behaviors that make up the green policy of the Clubhotel Lago di Tenno, here they are:



Bio products and Km0 products


  • For breakfast we favor the choice of km0 suppliers, local or in any case from Trentino.
  • We have provided an organic corner for breakfast with NaturaSì natural and organic products.
  • We offer for sale typical products of local companies (extra virgin olive oil, wine, grappa, etc.)


Saving energy, water and reuse


  • The electricity comes 100% from renewable sources, our supplier is Dolomiti Energia.
  • There are 2 electric charging stations for cars inside the garage
  • Hot water is supplied by the solar thermal system consisting of 10 flat solar collectors on the roof of the building
  • Water flow reducers in the chambers, to eliminate waste and reduce excessive consumption
  • In the rooms, the light switching on and off system is based on presence, via the magnetic card
  • Insulating fixtures, to avoid heat loss in the rooms
  • Customers are invited to reuse the towels (usually changed daily) and sheets (usually changed every 2 days)



Community and Territory


  • We have always actively participated and supported the local community of Tenno through associations (e.g. the honorary presidency of Coro Lago di Tenno, the presidency of Vicinia Granda).
  • We periodically organize excursions to make the area known (trekking with guides, dog-trekking, excursions with horses, food and wine tours)
  • We promote communication and environmental education
  • We encourage the use of public transport and the discovery of local places of interest
  • Separate waste collection in all areas of the hotel, using special containers
  • Through our partner it is possible to rent bicycles (even e-bikes), to discover the area
  • We promote the location as ideal for carrying out disciplines such as yoga and other activities aimed at psychophysical well-being, collaborating with Italian and German centres.


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