Christmas markets in Arco, Rango and Tenno

In 2022 we will once again have Christmas markets in Tenno, Rango and Arco!

These villages, if you haven’t seen them yet, are must-see: they seem to be suspended in time and, during the Christmas period, the enchantment and magic of the holidays can be found in every street and in every doorway.

The Christmas markets of Tenno, Arco and Rango are among the most beautiful in Italy. Winding through the narrow alleys you will come across stalls selling food and wine delicacies from the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori (Wine and Flavours Route), or small local handicrafts, all illuminated by Christmas lights, which make these places glow during the holidays.


Mercatini di Arco [from 18 November to 8 January]


The appointment with Arco’s Christmas markets is, as always, under the ancient castle. In fact, the old town centre during the festivities will be filled with little wooden houses, with typical products and gift ideas. Tyrolean-style clothing, cheeses and cold cuts, hats and wool scarves or wooden decorations will be on sale. And, while strolling between one little house and another, you can enjoy roasted chestnuts, pancakes or mulled wine.

The Arco markets will start on 18 November 2022 and can be visited until 8 January 2023. The wonderful fireworks display will also take place on 7 December!



Christmas markets in Rango [from 19 November to 30 December]


Rango, a few kilometres from Lake Garda, is a rural village where time seems to stand still. Here, during the festive season, the magic lights up together with the Christmas lights. In Rango, in fact, the markets are set up in the village houses, which are opened for the occasion. In the stables and attics, stalls sell local handicrafts to visitors, while in the taverns you can taste all the specialities of Trentino cuisine. During a walk through the alleys of Rango, it is impossible not to be caught up in the unique atmosphere of the festivities. You can visit the markets from 19 November 2022 to 30 December 2022. On 26 December, moreover, to the delight of the little ones, Father Christmas will arrive with his bag of gifts.



Canale di Tenno Christmas Market [from 18 November to 8 January]


Even our village, Canale di Tenno, with its alleys, hallways, and small squares will be lit up with Christmas lights. The market will start on 26 November 2022 and will last until 18 December 2022. The stalls will be hidden in the stables or in the hallways of houses: you will be able to find local handicraft products, but also traditional recipes. Among the many typical dishes to be enjoyed, don’t miss the ‘carne salada e fasoi‘.

In addition, on Christmas Eve there will be a shepherds’ Procession accompanying the Holy Family to Midnight Mass in the Ville del Monte church. On Boxing Day, there will be a living nativity scene.

And you, have you already booked your stay in Tenno to visit the Trentino markets?






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